Framing With High Quality Lumber: Why It Matters

Open frame with high quality lumber

Although every step of a home build is important, quality framing is one of the most crucial. And you can’t have quality framing without top-of-the line lumber. 

All too often we hear about builders attempting to cut costs (and corners) by using deficient lumber in their framing. Unfortunately, this can be tempting for contractors dealing with lumber yards delivering damaged wood on a regular basis. Sending bad pieces of lumber back to the supplier slows down the job, so builders will try to use it for things like braces, trimmers, short cripples, blocking, or possibly even framing!

At MJM, we’re not your average builders. Our philosophy is different. We value quality and over frugality down to every last stud. That’s why we don’t settle for subpar lumber. Logan Marchese, future CEO of MJM, says, “We want our customers to understand that we only use one type of lumber and it’s the best stud that money can buy. The straightest, densest, and most reliable.” We buy reliable lumber in order to avoid wasting time and resources. Deficient lumber doesn’t exist here at MJM because we always order extra to account for cripple studs and trimmers. 

Our lumber comes from Builders First Source, our nation’s largest supplier of structural building products. With BFS’s custom millwork, each plank is straight, dense and reliable every time. BFS “provide[s] an integrated solution to our customers to help them shorten construction cycle times, reduce construction costs, increase build quality, improve safety, and reduce waste.” Our partnership with BFS has helped us reach our own high expectations.

Framer Series lumber

Quality Lumber: Why It Matters

#1 Lumber needs to be STRAIGHT.

It’s imperative to frame with straight lumber. Why? Straight lumber creates straight surfaces and perfect 90° angles. Other builders may try to sneak in a piece of curved lumber here and there instead of throwing it out. Then, when it’s time for sheetrock, those guys have to try to make a crooked surface look straight. When it’s time for trim, another crew now has to try to hide the imperfection again. As you add layers to the framing, the bowed and crooked surfaces become more noticeable. Using low quality lumber also puts your home at risk for premature settling, cracking in drywall, and improperly opening windows. 

#2 Lumber needs to be DENSE.

Dense lumber builds the strongest homes. As builders, we need to create the strongest studs possible in a home’s frame. When nailing pieces of wood together, we use the densest lumber to ensure each nail is able to dig into the wood and grip nice and tight. The denser the wood, the tighter the hold of the stud. We are able to walk away from every job knowing that the frame is strong and reliable, thanks to our high level craftsmanship and high quality materials. As a result, we can promise that MJM homes are better equipped to withstand storms, weathering, and the ultimate test: Time! 

Stack of high quality, dense lumber for framing

#3 Lumber needs to be EXCEPTIONAL.

The majority of builders out there frame with 2x4s. At MJM, we like to upgrade. Our custom homes are only framed with 2x6s. We like the improved insulation these wider planks provide for our customers. With wider planks, you have more space for insulation within your walls. Better insulation helps lower utility bills and creates a more sound proof environment. Why settle for less?

The bottom line is this: The MJM team takes pride in using high quality materials like excellent lumber. When you pair high quality materials with our expert craftsmanship, you get a reliable custom home that you can trust to last. We focus on quality from the very first phase of a home build to the last, so our customers never have to wonder what’s behind the drywall.

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