Curved & Vaulted Ceiling Trends

Vaulted ceilings have been around for thousands of years. However, this ancient design has been having a resurgence in popularity lately, with good reason.  A curved ceiling adds beauty and drama to any space, plus it has practical benefits too.

curved ceiling trends


The first examples of vaulted or curved ceilings can be traced back roughly 7,000 years ago to a neolithic village in Crete (House Beautiful, July 2020). After that, curved ceilings were used in Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Persia. Throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the use of vaulted ceilings continued, often on a grand scale in cathedrals and basilicas (Dwell, August 2021).

Curved ceilings today

Vaulted ceilings are always in style. These ceilings add height, spaciousness, and a feeling of luxury to any room.  Barrel-vaulted ceilings, in particular, are having a moment right now.  A barrel vault consists of a single curved arch, built under the room’s rafters (Bob Vila, 2022).  Barrel-vaulted ceilings form a curve across the space of a ceiling that looks like half of a round barrel (The Spruce, November 2021).

benefits of curved ceilings

Barrel-Vaulted ceilings aren’t simply a trend; they have been utilized for thousands of years because of their benefits, including

  • Increased space: A vaulted ceiling creates a feeling of more square footage by increasing the open space in a room.
  • Increased opportunity for light: this type of ceiling provides space for more and higher windows.  At the same time, the added space, plus the curve of the canopy, can allow for natural and artificial light to be felt throughout the room more efficiently (The Spruce, November 2021).
  • Increased space for decor elements: The added height allows for statement lighting and customized architectural details – such as trim and molding. 
  • Visual Appeal:  A curved barrel ceiling adds drama, light, space, and a sense of welcoming.

curved ceilings make a statement

A home’s ceiling style can make a big difference in terms of spaciousness, light, decor, and overall mood. In addition, they create a tunnel-like feeling that can serve as a welcome to the home, which is why barrel-vaulted ceilings are commonly found on front porches and in entryways or foyers.  

On a porch, a natural wood barrel-vault ceiling creates a feeling of warmth.  The ceiling curve acts as a continuous arch, leading visitors and residents into the home.

final notes

A curved ceiling is a feature that can make a big design statement in your custom home. The increased height creates more space and light in a room, and the style is both timeless and on-trend. Curved ceilings add drama to any space while creating a feeling of welcome and home at the same time.

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