Color Trends to Watch in 2023

Home trends come and go, and it can be hard to keep up.  Sometimes the best way to stay in fashion is to pick a style that is yours, one that suits you and your family’s needs and tastes.  That said, it never hurts to make a change now and then or to supplement your style with a trend that catches your eye.

Every year, top style gurus, tastemakers, and designers choose the colors of the year.  Those are the colors that they predict will be in fashion in the coming year.  We picked some of our favorites from this year’s lineup, as well as some tried and true ways to incorporate them into your home.

best colors of 2023

Warm Neutrals:

Warm neutrals will be big this year – think brown, tan, grey, greige, etc., but with warm earthy undertones (Martha Stewart, December 2022).  Grey and white have long been popular in home decor; however, moving forward, there will be fewer cool tones and more warm neutrals.  Neutrals are a great place to start when adding a new color to your current scheme. 

Colors Trends to Watch

Easy ways to incorporate these colors: Warm neutrals look great on walls! However, if you want to add them in slowly, start with lamps, throw pillows, or furniture pieces that include these colors.  The best part about neutrals is that they often pair well with what you already have!

shades found in nature:

One of our favorite trends is the return of nature-inspired shades to the home.  Paint colors inspired by lush forests, sparkling waters, and red clay earth are all rising in popularity.  The past several years have seen greens and blues that have been more neutral; now, these shades will take on more of a starring role, with deep shades reminiscent of jewels, trees, and deep water (Architectural Digest, December 2022). In addition, reds are making a comeback, with shades of rust and dusty pink at the top of several lists (HGTV, December 2022).

Color Trends to Watch

Easy ways to incorporate these colors: Bold hues may feel risky; our advice – start small.  A powder room, nook, or the back wall of a bookcase is the perfect place to try one of these nature-inspired colors.  Shades that are warm and inviting are ideal for small spaces because they create a feeling of coziness and depth—as always, finding these shades in an accent piece is a great place to start.

Viva Magenta:

Pantone, a leader in color development and production, has chosen Viva Magenta as its color of the year.  This color is not for the faint of heart.  Bold and bright, Viva Magenta looks like its name. But, like the other colors on the list, this shade is rooted in nature (Pantone, 2023).

Color Trends to Watch

Easy ways to incorporate this color: This vibrant red shade is the perfect accent color for primarily white homes or neutral color schemes.  Bright colors can be added in small doses, and this color could work well for a stand-alone piece, such as a piece of furniture that is entirely magenta.  It would also look great as a small focal point – like a piece of art that includes this shade.  If it sparks joy, add more color throughout a room to create a cohesive feel.

closing notes:

Chasing trends rarely leads to contentment, but trying something new can be a breath of fresh air. So take a chance and explore the colors of the year for 2023. You may find a new favorite! Whether you buy one throw pillow or paint a whole room, we hope these fresh colors bring you inspiration for your home this year!

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