Building an Energy-Efficient Home in Myrtle Beach

Everyone wants to make sure their home is energy efficient for the obvious financial savings, but it’s becoming a great idea to make sure it’s efficient to keep our world a better place. MJM Custom Home Building utilizes quality products to give every home a great start at being energy efficient. Here are some other ways your MJM home can be more energy efficient.


We’ve discussed our framing before, but it bears repeating. MJM uses framer series studs which are the best studs that money can buy. They are the most dense and straight studs on the market and are a great start to making sure each home is as energy efficient as possible.



 Windows can be a great source of natural light, and they can also allow in sunlight that helps heat the home in cooler months. However, in the hot summer months, that sunlight is also working against your HVAC system. MJM uses Viwinco windows which are a huge upgrade from standard windows. These windows provide top thermal performance working to keep hot summer and cold winter air outside the home. We also work with each client to offer optimal window placement suggestions.


 Use solid core doors as opposed to hollow core doors. The solid core provides sound insulation and durability. These doors are also much heavier than hollow core doors, which helps them resist fluctuations in moisture and temperature, so they are not shrinking and/or expanding.


No homeowner wants to move into a brand new home and find gaps where air can flow in or out. So attention to detail is what you get with MJM Custom homes. We walk the house thoroughly after framing and again after all the rough mechanicals are finished. We look for daylight shining and then make sure everything is sealed properly.

Other than insulating the entire house and having an efficient HVAC system, there are a couple of other things homeowners can do to keep their homes efficient. When choosing lighting fixtures, choose lights that are compatible with LED light bulbs. Kitchen appliances even come with energy efficiency ratings, so pay attention when making appliance selections. Every home is different, so don’t be afraid to do your own research and make the energy efficient choices that are right for your new home.

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