How to Maximize Space in Your Garage

Do you ever dread going into your garage? Maybe you walk through it to get in the car, stepping over or around tools and assorted debris.  Perhaps you can’t park two cars in it, or even one car, because it is used as storage for everything except your car! Time to reclaim your space! Now is the perfect time to organize that garage, store cars, and anything else you need to in a way that makes sense and maximizes space.

How to Maximize Garage Space

step one: declutter!

Garages often become a miscellaneous storage mess.  Throughout the year, your garage may absorb the objects that don’t have a permanent place in your home.  Garden tools, paper products, tools, and holiday decor may all be stashed in the garage, as well as items that aren’t currently (or ever) in use.  Here are our favorite ways to cancel the clutter fast!

  • Set aside time.  Sorting belongings can take time; depending on the state of things, you may need a day or even a couple of days to really clear the clutter.
  • Sort items into three categories; keep, donate or sell, and throw away.  This process will give you a clear plan of action for each item in your garage (This Old House, 2023).
  • Remove items that you are selling, donating, and throwing away.  Clearing the space will let you see how much room you have left to store the items you decided to keep.

Step Two: Make a plan.

Take time to decide what is going to stay in the garage.  You may find that certain things make more sense to store in your house or a storage shed.  Once you know what you’ll keep in the garage, you can plan where things should be stored. 

  • Sort the things you are keeping into categories.  Place items in clearly labeled boxes or storage containers that you can use later for a more permanent use.  Categories may include sports equipment, shoes, hand tools, holiday decorations, etc. (This Old House, 2023).
  • Make a basic floor plan.  Keep things that you use frequently near the door or where they will be used.  Store larger items like power tools and lawnmowers in corners.  This will ensure that they do not block pathways and are not in danger of being bumped by cars.
How to Maximize Garage Space

Step three: get organized.

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to put it into action.  You may need to purchase or build some extra storage spaces in your garage at this stage.

  • Clear the floor. Open floor space is a great way to reduce the visual noise clutter creates.  
  • Utilize vertical storage options.  Garages tend to have higher ceilings.  Shelves, vertical cabinets, hooks, and stacked tubs can all reduce ground clutter while keeping things where you can see them (Architectural Digest, May 17, 2023). 
  • Turn the ceiling into storage.  Hanging storage racks can utilize ceiling space and is especially handy for rarely used items, such as seasonal decorations (HGTV, 2023). 
  • Utilize smart storage solutions.  A pegboard is an excellent option for those with tools to store.  Vertical storage that is open to the room makes it easy to see what you have and find what you need when you need it (Better Homes and Gardens, November 15, 2022).
How to Maximize Garage Space

final notes:

After you have decluttered and organized your garage, you will have gained priceless space, peace of mind, and the ability to use it for its intended purpose – parking your car! 

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