Are You Hurricane Season Ready?

Coastal living can be a dream come true, but it comes with the threat of hurricane season, so residents need to be prepared. When you live in Myrtle Beach, you should have a hurricane plan for your home and family’s safety. At MJM, we like to ensure that our custom homes provide our homeowners with peace of mind and a strong defense against the elements. Here are some items to consider ensuring above-standard hurricane protection for your home.

#1 Hurricane Shutters

Builders are required to leave homeowners with basic sheets of plywood to meet code regulations. As an upgrade (or add-on to an existing home), we offer custom-fit hurricane shutters that are easy to install and take up little space when in storage. These shutters provide protection from 120 mph hurricane winds, giving homeowners confidence in knowing their home is secure from the dangers of severe weather.

Shutters stack nicely for storage.              View of a window, ready for shutters.          Shutters slide easily into the braces.


Windows are often a key selling point in a home. Homeowners want their windows to do their job and look great while providing as much natural light as possible. Building codes insist that areas in a home that are vulnerable to damage, such as the window on the landing of a flight of stairs, require tempered glass. As an upgrade, we offer every window in the home to be fitted with tempered glass windows. Tempered glass is created by a process of rapidly heating and cooling the glass. If a window breaks, the tempering process makes the panes stronger and forces them to shatter in dull cube shapes instead of large, sharp pieces, making clean up and repair safer.

#3 Studier Framing

All of our homes are built using Framer Series 2 x 6 framing instead of the standard 2 x 4 framing. This MJM standard upgrade helps our homes be studier and more durable. Every homeowner wants to know that their home is solid and sturdy, especially when living in a coastal region like Myrtle Beach, where hurricanes are a real possibility.

#4 Lifetime Shingles

A roof is an essential part of a home and can be expensive to repair or replace. The high winds that come with hurricanes can cause damage to roofs and shingles. MJM provides lifetime shingles to ensure that if a storm were to come and rip shingles off your house, we will replace them.

Shingles will be replaced if lost or damaged by a hurricane.

Building a dream home is a fun and challenging process. Protect your home and make sure it’s hurricane-ready. By taking these extra steps, MJM knows our homes are built to last.

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